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i'll be your accident

if you will be my ambulance

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23 October
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Cali born Russian girl raised in Sweet Home Alabama. I like clubbin. I work at a club. Partying is a job! I'm damn good at it too! I get paid to FLIRT. I'm friends with the who's who of my city. I get VIP access everywhere. I love dancing to rap/r&b techo music. I know how to shake my ass and make every guy stare. I'm addicted to DJs. I tend to give out the "fuck me eyes". I text on my cellphone too damn much. I'm in love with love. I've got a heart the size of texas. I'm addicted to Thousand Island dressing and i eat Ranch dressing with everything. I can't wait to have kids! Maybe i should just get a puppy for right now. I'm currently head over heels in love. I constantly run around in stillettos. I have legs that go for Miles and Miles.. maybe that's why my nickname is Miles. I tan. So what. I always try to look my best. I love going to the beach. I'm a homebody when i'm not at the club. Nothing better than a movie and some cuddle time! I fucking love music. I love the word fuck. I think it's pimp. I LOVE to sleep. I love to shop. I like beltbuckles. My favorite shapes are hearts and stars. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My mom is my best friend. I love cars and street races. I'm also on myspace. Find me!

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